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News Update October 2016

Dear Friends,
CELEBRATION is the latest book by Michael Meegan, A preview is on this site. Hard copies are available by contacting us at info@michaelmeegan.com or through Amazon. CELEBRATION will shortly available for Kindle . This latest book shares the work of Michael Meegan in Africa. You can find out more about these projects through http://icrossinternational.org/ and our partners nwiuk.org In this preview you can see many of the images created by the Finnish photographer Julius Konttinnen.
"For more than 20 years have been privileged and humbled as I witnessed the work of ICROSS. I celebrate ICROSS as both a place and a process of transformation. Transformation of the landscape as people access clean water,transformation of society as women access education and health care and transformation of the individual - who in their own empowerment become the key potent force for the common good." SHARON WILKINSON, GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANT October 2016
"I feel overwhelmed to congratulate Dr. Michael Meegan and ICROSS
For their decades of success and accomplishments. I believe the destiny of hard work is always success and am confident that they will continue doing wonderful work .I bless them for their future adventures and hope they continue climbing toward creating a better World helping the poorsest of the poor live their dreams and reach their potential." Dr Archana Amatya, Associate Professor,Dept of Community Medicine and Public Health, Institute Of Medicine, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Click here to view Celebration, Photography by Julius Konttinen, Texts by Michael Meegan

Following a series of lectures recently in Europe Mike gave several interviews about the latest edition of ALL WILL BE WELL which is coming out 30th July 2016. He has added an additional chapter and updated ALL WILL BE WELL which is also available on Kindle and through eye-books , here is the latest interview on youtube.

Michaels Books are all available on line through eye books, Waterstones, Amazon uk and Amazon.com at the links below.

Eye Books:

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One of the most life changing and exhilarating things you can ever do is to discover and explore. The more we travel, the more we grow and become. The more we challenge our own boundaries , we find we become citizens of the world, not limited to our own bubble. Those of us who have a passion to learn have a yearning to rethink and to unlearn what we thought we knew. It’s therefore no surprise that so many people are looking to volunteer their time and services abroad.

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This month The Director of Research Dr Michael Meegan gave a series of lectures at the Nepalese / Finnish Global health course 2015. With International Participants from four Continents, is one the most important Courses on Global Health in Asia. Click here for more on this news story


Author Interview: Michael Meegan

We will be publishing interviews with Eye authors, old and new, over the coming months. Today, we catch up with Michael Meegan who previously published two books with Eye, All will be well and Changing the world one step by step. He is currently working on a series of inspirational works with eye-books including “The Tribe of One” as well as a Historical Novel and an updated edition of Surprised by joy, his Autobiography.

Who are you?

Michael Meegan, eye books author

Where were you born?

Liverpool UK

How old are you?


Where do you live?

Ngong Hills, Rift Valley, Kenya

What was the first book you remember reading?

C.S. Lewis: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

What is your favourite food?

Raw eggs, avocado and fruit

What is your favourite country?

Visited 126 so far, all amazing in their own way, that’s like asking your favourite star in the cosmos, they all have magic. Cambodia and Austria both have magic, Botswana has a stunning Silence, and Ethiopia has its epic vistas, so many gifts everywhere.

What is your Heaven travel story?

The ecstasy of waking up every morning and experiencing all the surprises the “NOW” and the “HERE” throw our way, utterly unexpected , always illuminating , from tragedy and illness to serenity and awe, this brief life is overwhelmingly breath taking each moment.

What is your Hell travel story?

To be on a long haul flight stuck beside someone who talks all the time moaning about how awful everything is.

What did you want be when you grew up?

Perpetually amazed and inspired….. happening so far

What would be your desert island: Disk, Book, Drink, Food, and Friend?

Music by Mahler

Book: Khalil Gibran, the Prophet

Jameson 20 yr. old Irish whiskey

Food: the berries and fruit on the trees

Friend, I think ones best friend should be oneself . I dedicated my Autobiography to Sharon Wilkinson who is one of those rare joys in life, always leave them elated and enriched , renewed and healed.

Who is your hero and why?

Dr Joe Barnes who created ICROSS with me, now almost 101 years old, continues to be passionate, selfless, compassionate and graceful. Served the poor around the World most of his life. When I grow up I would like to be like him.

If you could make one law what would it be?

You can’t legislate to love or be compassionate, but to ban weapons, any kind of weapon and forbid judging others, those who did would be sentenced to go and live with each other.

Tell us a little about your Eye books

You can find information about all of my books on my website and my youtube channel.

ALL WILL BE WELL, CHANGING THE WORLD and next, The Tribe of One . Hopefully my first book and SURPRISED BY JOY will be re released through eye-books as well

I lecture around the World , in part on International Health but also on spirituality and inspirational ideas that awaken us. I try to encourage self wonder and inner stillness. A path of contemplation in action.

Are you still writing and if so, have you published, or are you looking to publish, since your Eye book?

Two books are on the launching pad with eye books, THE TRIBE OF ONE and PRIMAL ACCORD.

Are you still involved with the subject of your book and could you summarise what’s happened since then?

The most detailed answer to that is to look at what we are doing in Africa and what our work focusus on in areas of extreme poverty. Please click here to see.

After 36 years, its just beginning…